Monday, January 26, 2009

What I learned in Philly

Last week I took a daytrip to Philly to check out the service orgs that we'll be working with for the youth's summer mission trip. While there, I learned some important things about the city and myself:

1. I like my cheesesteaks with whiz (and I like saying "whiz" to strangers and it being okay).

2. I can still pass for a high school student (according to the woman at the airport who asked me if I was doing homework). Someday I'll be able to take the razor the army mailed me for my 18th birthday out of the package...someday...

3. Philly digs murals on the sides of buildings. Seriously, it seemed like every other building I looked at had a big painting on it. Much more fun than looking at brick or stone or concrete.

4. There is a lot of serious need in the world, but a lot of seriously good people redeeming broken and overlooked communities of people.

5. TSA is working on equipment that will enable us to keep our shoes on through security at the airport. I wish they'd take the opposite approach and figure out a way to turn us into a barefoot culture.

6. Always bring a variety of entertainment supplies with you when traveling. Nothing makes me wish for my laptop more than 3.5 hours waiting in an airport terminal.

7. It's not always sunny in Philadelphia (but it's close).