Thursday, March 18, 2010


You may have recently asked yourself, "Self, what has blogging done for me?"

Well, if you're me, you would say, "Self, blogging has brought a good friend to town."

If you're Josh, you would say, "Self, blogging has brought me to Columbus, Ohio...maybe I should stop blogging."

Josh is sitting in my living room blogging. I said, "I should blog! But I have nothing to blog about."

Josh shared this blogging wisdom with me, "It's not so much about having a good topic to blog about, it's more about sitting down and writing."

Well, Josh, here I am. Let's see where this blog goes.

For this blog, I will share with you why Josh is at best indifferent to Columbus, Ohio, and probably more accurately, isn't a big fan. In his first trip visiting us since moving here, the mighty Scioto river ate Josh's disc golf disc. But not any disc, his Rocket 2x which Josh has had a long relationship with. It has probably done more for Josh than I have. And Columbus ate it.

However, through the magic of blogging I tricked Josh into returning, and he rolled in today. As he was approaching Columbus, wife and I ran to the bank to switch up some accounts, you know, make our money really work for us (if you don't understand what this means then you are probably not filthy rich like us). Anyway, due to the poor economic times, our former bank National City got ate (don't even think about it) by PNC. Due to this, it was required that we spend over an hour trying to make our money work for us. Josh got in town towards the beginning of this escapade so we had him wait at Kroger. In my defense, our Kroger is pretty boss, with TVs playing March Madness (not all the times, just during March Madness times) and even a jewelry store. Anyhow, Josh was waiting for an hour before I got there. Needless to say, he probably still doesn't like Ohio too much. So hopefully we can do something in the next few days to change his mind.

But what does it say about Josh that he is willing to endure a city that eats things he loves in order to spend time with his friends? It says that he's a pretty cool dude. Hopefully Columbus doesn't eat him.

The moral of the story: Seriously, PNC, you need to get it together.