Monday, March 7, 2011

Proof of God

In my last post I mentioned a professor of mine who made a distinction between getting a degree and getting an education. I must confess, I am struggling with doing both at the moment. I'm just barely keeping up with the reading and assignments, but I'm not letting the material penetrate me to the degree that I would really like it to. As an attempt at a remedy, I am going to occasionally blog about the reading material for my next day's class. This will allow me to be at least a bit more thoughtful and be prepared for discussion. Hopefully you find this of some value.

I'm in a masters of counseling program at a seminary, which means I have a lot of counseling classes and a few more theologically-driven courses. Tomorrow's class is Intro to Theology.

The material we read was about proof of God. The concept of God is not something anyone ever had to work hard to convince me of. I lived my first 15 years of life pretty oblivious to God. I went to church and all that, but God wasn't a person to me, God idea I guess, one that I didn't care too much about. When I was 15 I heard someone speak about God in a way that clicked for me and hit me at the right moment, and I've believed ever since.

The reading material talked about different ways that people have tried to prove God's existence. Either from rational arguments or by the beauty and complexity within nature, or the existence of morality within humanity (the idea that the concept of "good" exists). But for me, what has strengthened my faith most over the years is the Bible. I've never experienced a book that had the ability to over and over speak straight into my life and teach me, encourage me, help me in a way specific to my needs in that moment. Except for the Bible. Just tonight I was reading from Paul's letter to the Romans (in the Bible) and it was as if God was describing my situation and telling me the solution. Thanks God!

I wonder how God would feel about people trying to "prove" his existence. There are verses in the Bible that would indicate that God has already proven himself. There are also verses that would indicate perhaps Christians are supposed to help prove God to others. There are also verses that would indicate that even if some people had "proof" they would still choose not to follow. On some level though, "proof" seems very subjective. Certainly my standard of proof is not the same as everyone's (maybe anyone's).

I wonder, if you believe, what is your proof? If not, what would it take?