Friday, June 7, 2013

Right Reasons

And you thought soulja boy had nothing left to teach you.

Like a five-course fine-dining experience, all good reality shows have a certain sequence. As the season progresses, the same conflicts tend to arise and work themselves out in very similar fashion to previous seasons. The Bachelorette is no exception. At some point early in the season, the men try to uncover any competition who may not be there for the "right reasons."

The Bachelorette highlighted this "right reasons" concept last week by inviting none other than rap superstar and mohawk wielding Soluja boy. You may remember him from such hits as "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" or you may not remember him at all. Either way, he was there, helping the dudes put together a rap to impress Des, and good-natured frivolity ensued.

However, gentleman caller Ben was taking some heat from the other guys for potentially not being there for the "right reasons." This got me to thinking: What are the right reasons to go on a reality tv show like The Bachelorette?

I can see the appeal of going on other reality tv shows. On The Amazing Race you get to travel around the world whilst ruining your relationship with a loved one. On Survivor you get to lose half your body weight and nobody will judge you for not showering. But The Bachelorette is a little bit trickier.

I can see the right reason for the bachelorette herself. She is there to "find love" and gets to date 25 guys at the same time and take the pick of the litter. There's some solid odds and good logic in that. But what about the guys? Presumably their "right reason" is to "find love" as well, but really? Really? I imagine this imaginary (that's why I said I imagined it) conversation going on between the guys who sign up to go on the show and a friend of theirs.

Guy: You know, I'd like to find love.

Friend: There's this girl I know that's really great. I could set you up with her if you want. Only she is seeing 24 other guys right now. And most of your time with her will be spent with at least some of those guys.

Guy: Are you crazy? That sounds horrible.

Friend: You get to be on tv.

Guy: I'm in.

I'm not saying that the guys on the show don't legitimately want to find love and that the only reason they are there is that they just want to be on tv (I'm only kind of saying that), but let's be serious here, it has to be a factor. There is no logical reason for searching for love by limiting yourself to dating one woman who is dating a bunch of other guys, unless you get to be on tv. And let's be serious, meeting Soulja boy doesn't hurt.

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